The Power of a Value Analysis System to Complement Your Selling Process

Robert T. Yokl, President/CEO, SVAH Solutions

If you work for almost any sales organization you have been trained to follow a certain sales process (e.g., Miller-Heiman, Sandler, Dale Carnegie, etc.) that provides you with a reliable, repeatable and auditable methodology to ensure your sales success.  However, with too many competitors looking and sounding alike, you need a differentiator to make you stand out from the crowd.

Value Analysis System Can Complement Your Sales Process

To prove my point, last Monday, a dermatologist told me that she doesn’t have time to meet with sales reps who are selling stuff she can’t use in her practice. Yet, she always has time for medical device sales reps who bring a value proposition to her that makes sense. That’s how you, too, can differentiate yourself when you need to grow or just maintain your market share by becoming a value creator!

That’s where a value analysis system shines! It can complement your sales process by opening up a whole new world of savings, quality, and safety opportunities through value analysis studies. These same value analysis studies will provide you with those unique value propositions that will generate even more sales for you.

Close The Door to Your Competition

We know from personal experience that sales reps make a sale, then rarely look back to see if what they are selling met the requirements for the customer’s intended purpose or if their product, service or technology was implemented properly.

Consequently, our research has shown that 26% to 46% of the time, the product, service or technology that was sold was wasted, misused, misapplied, or a value mismatch for their customers. This is where you can close the door on your competition by conducting value analysis studies that will surface these problems. This will enable you to provide a better value proposition for these same customers.