We Don’t Need Everything We Are Buying Now!

Robert T. Yokl, President/CEO, SVAH Solutions The fastest, easiest, and most effective way to save money in value analysis is to stop approving so many products for purchase, since your healthcare organization doesn’t need everything […]


Why You Need to Stop Wasting Time and Money by Starting a Successful Supply Utilization Management Program Now

Robert W. Yokl, Vice President/COO, SVAH Solutions Do you believe that Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) save big dollars for hospitals, systems, and IDNs across the country? That is a crazy question to ask but believe […]


Value Analysis Leadership Interview

James Russell, RN-BC, MBA, CVAHP, Value Analysis Program Director, UW Health, WI James Russell, RN-BC, MBA, CVAHP, is the Value Analysis Program Director at UW Health (the University of Wisconsin). Jim has three decades of nursing […]

Value Analysis

How is Your Value Analysis Pipeline?

Robert W. Yokl, Sr. Vice President/COO, SVAH Solutions There are so many different methods, strategies, and configurations of value analysis teams/committees around the country, but there is one underlying element that every team must have in order […]

Value Analysis

What’s Your Value Analysis Onboarding Process?

James Russell, RN-BC, Value Analysis Facilitator, UF Health at Jacksonville “What’s your value analysis onboarding process?” During an interview for a Value Analysis Facilitator (VAF), we had a candidate ask this question. We looked at […]

Cost Management

PPI Value Analysis and Standardization Success Through Vendor Partnering: A Case Study of Hernia Mesh Savings and Quality Improvement at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Miller, Susan G.1 MN, RN, CMRP and Bourque, Megan2 PhD   1Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA 2Cornerstone Research Group, Burlington, ON Why Standardization was Important At Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (TJU), reducing supply costs […]