Clinical Supply Utilization Management Software Utilizer Dashboard – The mainstream strategies are not yielding the savings returns they once did. It is time for you to turn the page to a whole new Supply Chain Expense Paradigm….Utilization Management!

There is still an additional 7% to 15% in Supply Savings Beyond Price and Standardizaton…but to uncover and drive out these hidden savings you will need new strategies, tactics, and tools.

The ultimate savings beyond price solutions!

Value Analysis Management Software CliniTrack Value Analysis Software – Are you ready to speed up, simplify, and streamline your Value Analysis Program to dramatically improve your outcomes and accountability?


Purchased Service Utilization Software Purchased Service Advantage – Do you know that your purchased service spend could be as high as 50% of your supply spend? Yet, at most hospitals no one person is in charge of these multi-million dollar long term contracts. This all ends with your ability to capture, benchmark, track, trend, and manage all of your purchased services in one secure platform that can be shared in real-time with your hospital, system, or IDN team members.