Show Me The Evidence

Value Analysis

Dee Donatelli, RN, BSN, MBA, Sr. Vice President, Provider Services, Hayes, Inc. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results." Whether we should attribute this maxim to Ben Franklin, […]

Why Do We Need VA Teams To Be Successful?

Value Analysis

Gennifer Baker, Director of Nursing Practice & Laurie Wilson, Value Analysis Coordinator Although most healthcare organizations have value analysis teams or committees, did you ever consider disbanding your teams or committees for another value analysis […]

Value Analysis: It’s All About Data

Value Analysis

James Russell, RN-BC, MBA, Value Analysis Facilitator VCU Health System, Richmond, VA After price is whittled down as low as it can go, utilization can offer an avenue for cost savings. However, without good data, […]

New Healthcare Economy

Value Analysis

Value Analysis Analytics New Healthcare Economy Healthcare organizations are under tremendous pressure to control their costs and improve their quality, while maintaining their market share. The ability to collect, analyze and act on the data that […]

Clinical Supply Utilization Management Isn’t a Sometime Thing

Utilization Management

Robert T. Yokl, President/CEO, SVAH Solutions We congratulate the supply chain/value analysis practitioners that are attacking their utilization misalignments (i.e., the wasteful and inefficient consumption, misuse, misapplication, and value mismatches in your supply streams) when […]

Supply Utilization Management: Flavor of the Month Fad or the Next Mission-Critical Cost and Quality Control System?

Utilization Management

Robert W. Yokl, Senior Vice President, SVAH Solutions Supply utilization management (SUM) has its origins in the accounting world where it is known as activity-based costing (ABC). The best mainstream adoption of this ABC methodology […]

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