New Healthcare Economy

Value Analysis Analytics

New Healthcare Economy

Healthcare organizations are under tremendous pressure to control their costs and improve their quality, while maintaining their market share. The ability to collect, analyze and act on the data that is stored in your digital data warehouse is paramount for supply chain and value analysis professionals in the new healthcare economy. 

It is no longer good enough to obtain the best price for the commodities you are buying. It is now mission critical for you to control all of your supply chain expense categories, from point of entry into your supply streams to their exit from your healthcare organization.

To accomplish this worthy goal, supply chain and value analysis professionals will need to employ value analysis analytics as the first line of defense against excess costs in supply chain expenses. It is necessary to change behaviors that are contributing to these excesses and, most importantly, cultivate a culture of “zero waste” to ensure that your department heads and managers don’t return to their old habits. Once you have achieved these three milestones, you will fulfill the promise of value analysis analytics to up your savings game.

There is nowhere else to go for savings — not even price or standardization can meet the threshold necessary to control your supply costs in the new healthcare economy we live and work in.