Healthcare Value Analysis Magazine

Look What We Have Done Now!

Yes, we have started a new magazine about value analysis!! Why? Because we feel that value analysis is going to become an even more important component of the financial and quality success of healthcare organizations throughout the country. Our goal with this magazine is to provide our readers with unique value analysis and utilization management strategies, tactics and methodologies while offering alternative views on the cutting edge challenges that supply chain and value analysis professionals face today. 

There is a need for forward-thinking value analysis best practices, benchmarks and training, which we believe we are uniquely qualified to bring to you with our over 25-plus years in the healthcare value analysis arena.

Let’s face it, value analysis has high name recognition in our healthcare industry but there are many fundamental differences in philosophy, methods and practices that we believe need a helpful voice to bring everything into perspective. We want to explore new vistas and go boldly where no other supply chain magazine has gone before in order to bring you the best savings strategies and practices that will help your hospital, system or IDN’s value analysis teams and committees move to the next level of performance. Our scope is endless when you think about the multitudes of savings opportunities that we can talk about on the hundreds of thousands of products, services and technologies purchased on a daily basis by each and every healthcare organization in the country. 

Our mission with this new magazine is to help promote the best of the best strategies and methods in value analysis and then to pass them along to our value analysis community, thus benefiting everyone in the healthcare value analysis world. This is a continuing journey for us in which we need to up our game to a new level in our writing, teaching and research to improve our own core competencies.  

If you are interested in joining us as a writer, editorial advisor or would just like to comment on an article, please email me at