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Dear Colleague:

For more than two decades now, SVAH has been helping healthcare organizations, who have hit the wall on their price savings, to restart their savings engines with a powerful two-pronged new approach: utilization and demand management!

After signing on to our Utilizer® Dashboard subscription service, our clients have quickly discovered that their utilization and demand management savings far exceed  their price savings by as much as 26:1. This approach has turned around scores of supply chain departments that were formally scratching for savings and now have become virtual saving machines.

Here’s how it works…

No matter how many GPOs you belong to or how skilled you are at negotiating your custom contracts, at some point you will hit the wall on price savings. That’s why you need new savings sources (beyond price) to pick up the slack. Our Utilizer® Dashboard could be the answer you are looking for to jump start your savings.

Your Partner in Savings Beyond Price™

Bob Yokl

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