CLINITRACK – Your Complete Value Analysis Management System and Savings Tracker

Introducing CLINITRACK – Your Complete Value Analysis Management System and Savings Tracker

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Most healthcare organizations have 3, 5, or even 20 new products, services and technologies that their organization is evaluating at any given time. These clinical trials could easily add up to millions of dollars in new (and sometimes unneeded) expenditures — if left to chance. Yet, most healthcare organizations are “flying blind” when it comes to effectively, efficiently and systematically managing these high impact dollar clinical and non-clinical evaluations. 

Too Little Time – Too Many Steps 

The biggest challenge that we hear about, from our value analysis community on their evaluations, is that there are so many steps (one VA coordinator we talked to told us that she has a 17-step evaluation process) to be followed that it’s almost impossible to keep up with all of the paper work. We also know how difficult it is to find time to track, document, coordinate and communicate to multiple stakeholders (steering committees, VA teams, project managers, clinicians, purchasing, distribution, etc.) the various evaluations — in real time.

Are these your value analysis team’s challenges, too?

We have also observed that most healthcare organizations archive their value analysis study data in either an Excel spreadsheet or Access database. That being said, if you tried to employ these tools for this purpose you will quickly discover that your study data becomes difficult to retrieve, awkward to manipulate and almost impossible to generate meaningful status and financial reports.

It Doesn’t Need To Be That Way!

After researching the challenges that value analysis teams are facing, SVAH has developed and is now licensing seats to our new CliniTracK™ Value Analysis Management System. Our objective with this new SAS product line is to provide you with the solutions you have been looking for to the annoying problems we have just talked about, as well as to speed up, streamline and reengineer the current value analysis management process at your hospital, system or IDN.  FREE “test drive” @ 

If you have been looking for an intuitive, uncomplicated, yet complete solution to managing and controlling all of your value analysis studies, the CliniTracK™ Value Analysis Manager might be the right solution for you. Why not sign up for a FREE “test drive” at now!