Value Analysis Leadership Interview

Beth Potter, RN, CMRP, CVAHP, UnityPoint Health, Des Moines, IA

Mary (Beth) Potter is the Immediate Past President of the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals. She is also a Certified Material Resource Professional, Certified Value Analysis Healthcare Professional, and Director of Clinical Value Analysis and Pharmacy Contracting at UnityPoint Health in Des Moines, Iowa.​

It was a landmark event when AHVAP unveiled their value analysis certification program at the association’s 2015 annual conference. With this said, we asked Beth Potter to answer the following questions to give our Value Analysis & Utilization Management Magazine readers the background on this important value analysis educational program.

(SVAH) How did the CVAHP Certification program come about? 

One of the goals of AHVAP’s original founders was professional certification. They felt strongly that Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals should be recognized for their expertise through the distinction of certification. 

(SVAH) Why was the timing right for this CVAHP certification program for the healthcare supply chain?

Over the past 13 years, the organization has grown from 30 members to over 300 members. In 2013, we determined we finally had the resources and network of professionals to create the curriculum and generate the test. More than 35 experienced value analysis professionals invested over 1000 hours, on top of their day-to-day jobs!     

(SVAH) Why did AHVAP partner with Owens & Minor University (OMU) and AMP for the implementation of the CVAHP certification program?

In our process of fact-finding about establishing a certification program, we recognized we needed to establish a structured, accredited program in order to offer consistent comprehensive education on a flexible schedule to meet the needs of our members. We evaluated two different providers and made the decision to partner with OMU for education based on their experience with other healthcare organizations and their demonstrated support for AHVAP.

The purpose of the education is to teach the skills required to successfully practice as a healthcare value analysis professional. The objective of certification testing is to validate that the candidate possesses the knowledge required to successfully fulfill the role of a healthcare value analysis professional. There are rigid controls and standards for certification testing. The teaching organization cannot conduct certification testing. OMU recommended working with AMP to format and rate the questions generated by AHVAP members and assist AHVAP to establish a passing score based on standard testing principles. AMP provided the psychometrician! AHVAP members developed the curriculum, contributed the educational content, and generated all of the questions.

(SVAH) Who are the ideal candidates for the CVAHP certification program and where does their level of expertise need to be prior to applying for the program?

The Healthcare Value Analysis courses are particularly valuable to someone new to their role. The information provides a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to help them understand their role and responsibilities and equip them to execute them effectively. Experienced healthcare value analysis professionals may struggle with certain aspects of their job and would benefit from a little “refresher.” Completion of the CVAHP course work is not required in order to be eligible to sit for the CVAHP exam.

To sit for the certification exam, the best teacher is experience! Only experience provides a value analysis professional the opportunity for practical application of their education and it does not happen overnight!

A candidate with a high school education must have at least five years of cumulative experience in a value analysis role before they are eligible to sit for the exam. Candidates with at least two years of post-secondary education must have at least three years of cumulative experience in a value analysis role before they are eligible to sit for the exam.

(SVAH) How does the CVAHP certification work in practice?

CVAHP certification recognizes the candidate possesses the skills and abilities required to function successfully as a healthcare value analysis professional. Many organizations award achievement of certification with increased responsibility, salary, and professional recognition. Certification signifies professional expertise and accomplishment.

(SVAH) What can the CVAHP certification do for the success of a value analysis professional, now and in the future?

CVAHP certification for healthcare value analysis professionals is comparable to CMRP designation for supply chain professionals or any other specialized certification. CVAHP certification brings professional credibility, recognition, and positions value analysis for career advancement. CVAHP certification will be a requirement for advanced value analysis professional positions.