The Best Way to Gain Value Analysis Focus and Performance

Robert W. Yokl, Sr. Vice President, SVAH Solutions

As we enter in the new level of quality and supply chain performance with our value analysis programs, we are now being called upon to do so much more than just evaluate products, services, and technologies. We are being asked to ensure that not only are these products viably effective in their use as well as cost efficient, but we must also warrant our healthcare organizations against products that do not offer quality or reimbursement.

Value analysis professionals have always been known as the gatekeepers for the majority of products that enter a hospital or health system, but the game is changing. Now we have to add to our already  frenetic workloads new elements that are crucial to the survival of our organization’s bottom line.  As the evolution and progression of value analysis in the supply chain happens right before our eyes, it is a very good time to take a step back and take stock of what needs to be done as we move forward.

As you view your existing program, look at yourself and your level of expertise, as well as your committee and team’s proficiency and know-how. Where are you on the competency level as compared to your peers in the industry? Where is your team's level of expertise and skill related to value analysis? We all know that they are proficient in their respective areas, but the new level of value analysis is going to require a whole new degree of advanced training and understanding to weed out all of the quality benefits and utilization savings for your healthcare organization.

Ask these important questions. When was the last time you or your team had any training in an intermediate to advanced level of value analysis or related education? How can you focus your program's efforts in the right direction when everyone may not be on the same page? With multiple members and multiple teams, you can no longer rely on your team members to "just get it." Eventually, you need to ensure that they are in the game right away. You have to set them up to win at the next level of the VA game.

With all of the Continuing Education Units (CEUs) required for all of the clinical and non-clinical areas of healthcare, you can easily say that ongoing training is always part of the job. With this in mind, do not underestimate the value of training in the world of value analysis. It will pay your organization back in dividends 20 fold or more and will make you and your team more efficient with better results. Look for the best training in the industry and plan to make it part of your value analysis program on at least an annual basis from now on. Train yourself and your team for success!