Guide to Selecting Team Leaders and Team Members Based on Their Core Competencies

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All winning teams are a combination of attitudes, talents, and traits matched with tight leadership to give them the needed vision, goals, objectives, and can-do attitude. We need team members and leaders who will take responsibility for their actions, and pride in their accomplishments. Over the last two decades, SVAH has documented and observed ideal team core competencies, or what outstanding value analysis team leaders and team members do more often, in more situations, with better results, than the average performers in highly successful value analysis teams. To identify the individuals in your healthcare organization who also exhibit these same core competencies, we would suggest that you employ a 360-degree feedback mechanism in assessing your team leader and team member candidates’ qualifications, prior to membership on your value analysis teams. This means that you have the candidates, their direct report, customers, and colleagues rate their competencies on a scale of 1-10 prior to final selection as a value analysis leader or team member. The reason for doing so is that you only see one face of this individual, but by having them assessed by numerous individuals with whom they interact in many different venues, you can truly identify who is the right candidate to  be involved in your value analysis program. 

Team Leaders

Team Members


Analytical Thinker



Team Builder

Reliable and Dependable



Result Oriented

Takes Initiative


Computer Literate

Welcomes Challenges

Welcomes Challenges

Anticipates problems and resolves them

Looks for Growth and Recognition

Acts as Role Model

Acts as Role Model

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