Value Analysis Leadership

Value Analysis Leadership Interview

Dee Donatelli, Sr. Vice President, Provider Services, Hayes, Inc. Dee Donatelli is the current President of the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Association. She is also a Certified Material Resource Professional, Fellow of the Association […]


FDA Finalizes UDI System

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced a final rule for the unique device identification system (UDI) to give an exclusive identifier for all medical devices. They are now requesting comments from the clinical community.  […]

Value Analysis

Why Do We Need VA Teams To Be Successful?

Gennifer Baker, Director of Nursing Practice & Laurie Wilson, Value Analysis Coordinator Although most healthcare organizations have value analysis teams or committees, did you ever consider disbanding your teams or committees for another value analysis […]

Cost Management

The New End Game!

Life cycle cost is the forgotten goal of all our cost and quality challenges. Every day we hear about all the latest and greatest new strategies, software, tools, and contracting methods that overwhelm us in […]