Training Your Workers and VA Teams

What’s Worse Than Training Your Workers and VA Teams?

 I just read a quote, “What’s worse than training your workers and losing them?  Not training them and keeping them” by motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, which says in 15 short words all you need to know about why training of your supply chain staff (and value analysis teams) is mission critical.  You should paste this quote up on your wall so you don’t forget it.

Zig coined this phrase; I’m sure, to show the lunacy of not training your workers because they may leave your employment sometime down the road. You may also believe that it’s expensive to do so, but consider the expense it will cost you if your workers aren’t productive employees.  This goes for your value analysis teams, too!

It should also be noted that employees value employers who train them because it tells your employees that you think they’re important. I remember one hospital I worked for many years ago that had all of their department heads and managers continuously in training programs.

 Every few weeks there would be a mandatory training program on reading financial statements, how to write memos, how to conduct a meeting, change management, how to conduct job interviews, etc. These gave me a master’s degree in business management without paying a hefty tuition.  As an aside, it also built strong relationships between our department heads and managers and gave us all an esprit de corps that carried over to our day-to-day jobs.

Simply stated, training is the “Magic Bullet” for instilling in your workers (and value analysis teams) the right attitudes, methods and practices to make your supply chain operations exceptionally successful. It isn’t an expense, but an investment in your workforce’s future success.