Value Analysis Leadership

Value Analysis Leadership Interview

Hani Elias, JD, MPH, CEO and Co-Founder of Procured Health Gina Thomas, RN, MBA, Procured Health Chief Development Officer Hani Elias is the CEO and co-founder of Procured Health. Prior to starting Procured, he was a consultant […]

Cost Management

The New End Game!

Life cycle cost is the forgotten goal of all our cost and quality challenges. Every day we hear about all the latest and greatest new strategies, software, tools, and contracting methods that overwhelm us in […]

Value Analysis

If You Think Training is Costly, Just Think of the Cost of Not Training Your Hospital Value Analysis Teams

I can’t count the times I have seen hospital value analysis teams waste time, money, and resources because they haven’t received advanced training in value analysis strategies, tactics, and techniques. Instead of taking less than 90-days to […]

Value Analysis

Value Analysis: It’s All About Data

James Russell, RN-BC, MBA, Value Analysis Facilitator VCU Health System, Richmond, VA After price is whittled down as low as it can go, utilization can offer an avenue for cost savings. However, without good data, […]