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Featured Article – Why Surgical Value Analysis is More Important Than Ever Before!  By Robert W. Yokl in Collaboration with AHVAP Leaders, Barbara Strain-Dir. of Value Mgt, University of Virginia Health, Gloria Graham, Clinical Materials Specialist, Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Wanda Lane-Value Analysis Manager, Regional One Health.

Clinical Value Analysis Article – Value Analysis and Open Payments by James Russell-Value Analysis Facilitator, UF Health at Jacksonville

Supply Chain Education is Not and Expense.  It is an Investment. by Michael Bohon, Managing Director of HealthCare Solutions Bureau

Utilization Management Article – How is Your Value Analysis Pipeline? by Robert W. Yokl, Sr. VP, Operations/COO, SVAH Solutions

Find Champions Who Will Guarantee Your VA Team's Success -by Robert T. Yokl, President, SVAH Solutions

Stumbling Around Vs. Targeting Yoru Clinical Supply Utilization Savings – by David Hinkle, Independent Supply Chain Consultant, Pinnacle Consulting Strategies

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