FREE Webinar Thursday March 10, 2016 1:00 pm EST

FREE Webinar

Thursday March 10, 2016 — 1:00 pm EST

Supply Utilization Management (SUM)

Business Intelligence for  Healthcare Supply Chain and Value Analysis Professionals

How to Get More, Better, and Longer Lasting Supply Expense Savings by Taking Advantage of Supply Expense Analytics – AMAZING and AWESOME Strategies, Tactics, and Techniques. Plus, the 3 “Newly Discovered” Best Savings Practices in 2016. 

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Our presenters, Robert T. Yokl, President, SVAH Solutions, and Robert W. Yokl, Vice President and COO, SVAH Solutions, are acknowledged experts in value analysis and utilization management having worked with over 500 clients over their long careers in healthcare value analysis and supply utilization management. They are looking forward to sharing the lessons they have learned being in the healthcare supply chain utilization & VA business for nearly three decades.

What this webinar session will cover:

  • Why supply utilization analytics is the future of supply chain expense management.

  • The 3 must-do tactics to save with supply utilization analytics.

  • 3 most critical mistakes people are making with supply utilization management.

  • Why waste and inefficiency is running rampant and unchallenged at your healthcare organization.

  • The biggest difference between price and utilization savings.

  • Three newly discovered best savings practices in 2016.

  • How to sell the concept of Supply Utilization Management to your senior management.

  • What types of utilization misalignments you should be looking for to save big in 2016.

 Thursday March 10, 2016 — 1:00 pm EST

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