Are You Ready to Join an Elite Group of Value Analysis Professionals?

Are You Ready to Join an Elite Group of Value Analysis Professionals?

The Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP) has come a long way from it’s grassroots start in the healthcare supply chain world. Started by a group of like-minded clinicians and professionals who were looking to band together to share knowledge, best practices, and improve the overall patient outcomes driven by value analysis (VA) concepts and methods, this unique group managed to start their own association in the early 2000s and we are glad to report that it is flourishing.

AHVAP is Moving the Needle

AHVAP is still moving the needle in the next generation of VA education, best practices, and furthering the influence and importance of VA professionals at all levels of the healthcare supply chain. AHVAP offers industry standard certification for value analysis and supply chain professionals as well as additional opportunities for advanced education for our members, like micro-certifications and ongoing monthly training programs. AHVAP’s goal is to enable each and every VA professional to become an elite VA practitioner without having to go through the school of hard knocks which many have gone through over the years.

AHVAP Now Has Their Own Certification Organization

One of the biggest challenges for clinicians and other value analysis professionals has been getting the continuing education credits not only for AHVAP certification but also CEU credits for nursing and other clinical specialties when an AHVAP sponsored educational program qualifies. Now, AHVAP has taken a major step forward and created our own separate accreditation organization to solve this problem once and for all but with the high level of quality and integrity you would expect. AHVAP also has systems to track these CEU credits automatically if you so choose.

Fast-Track Your Results

AHVAP has rolled out a new website which includes improved forums, resources, tools, on-demand video training, and ongoing updates of what is new and exciting in the VA world. The goal is to allow each and every member the ability to navigate their unique world within AHVAP’s website and resources to back them and their organizations up in the ever challenging and complex world we call value analysis.

Where Are You in the Value Analysis Continuum?

It does not matter where you are in the VA continuum, AHVAP has everything from beginner to intermediate to advanced level practitioner programs as well as a newly added Fellowship program. There is something for everyone to not only learn and share best practices but also to collaborate with your peers to make patient cost, quality, and outcomes thrive for years to come. Are you ready to join this elite group?

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Dr. Garrett is the Executive Director and Executive Vice President for the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP) and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Louisville School of Medicine.

Karen Niven, MS, BSN, RN, CVAHPTM

Karen Niven is the Senior Director of Clinical Value Analysis at Premier, Inc. and serves as the President-Elect for the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP).

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