Supply Chain


Robert T. Yokl “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” Warren Bennis You might think that great leadership is some superhuman activity, but it is really translating a vision into reality as author, scholar, and […]

Cost Management

A Strategic Approach to Cost Containment In Hospitals

How Many C’s Are In Success? Maureen Hazen, RN, MHA, Associate Director, Berkley Research Group’s Healthcare Practice and Robert Andrzejewski, MS, Associate, Berkley Research Group’s Healthcare  In today’s economic environment, hospitals are being forced to make […]

Value Analysis

Transparent Processes Use Data

James Russell, RN-BC, Value Analysis Facilitator, UF Health at Jacksonville VCU Health System, Richmond, VA Value Analysis Facilitators frequently find themselves estimating the impact of a project prior to implementing a change, or even evaluating […]

Value Analysis

What Does Value Analysis Mean to You?

When you think of the term “value analysis” (VA) as it relates to the healthcare supply chain, what does this mean to you? I have heard hundreds of different definitions of value analysis in articles, […]