Value Analysis

Why Surgical Value Analysis is More Important than Ever Before

Robert W. Yokl, Senior Vice President/COO, SVAH Solutions Historically, surgical value analysis (SVA) teams focused on evaluating the newest technologies that surgeons and clinical leaders believed would improve patient outcomes for their respective procedures/cases. While this remains a […]

Value Analysis

Inspiration, Education, or Sarcasm?

James Russell, RN-BC, Value Analysis Facilitator, UF Health at Jacksonville Most of us have interesting little quotes attached to our Outlook (or Lotus) auto-signatures. These can be spiritual in nature, thought provoking, or even a […]

Utilization Management

Broadening Our Perspectives

Robert W. Yokl, Sr. Vice President/COO, Strategic Value Analysis in Healthcare This issue, I am writing about what I consider to be one of the most important aspects of the mindset of a value analysis, clinical resource, […]