Cost Management

The New End Game!

Life cycle cost is the forgotten goal of all our cost and quality challenges. Every day we hear about all the latest and greatest new strategies, software, tools, and contracting methods that overwhelm us in […]


The Future of Benchmarking

Elevate your benchmarking for greater accuracy, reliability, and insight. A recent survey by CAPS Research (co-sponsored by Arizona State University) of supply chain leaders indicated that there is a shift in benchmarking for greater accuracy, […]

Value Analysis

Value Analysis: It’s All About Data

James Russell, RN-BC, MBA, Value Analysis Facilitator VCU Health System, Richmond, VA After price is whittled down as low as it can go, utilization can offer an avenue for cost savings. However, without good data, […]

Value Analysis

What You Can’t See Will Hurt You

Most of your new saving opportunities are below the water line. We like to equate supply chain expense savings to an iceberg! Above the waterline are your price and standardization savings, which are easily identified. […]