The Value of Mentoring

by James Russell, RN-BC, MBA, CVAHP, Value Analysis Program Director, UW Health, WI Lately, I’ve been thinking about the importance of mentoring in Value Analysis. It’s certainly an important tool in the development of most occupations. I could […]

Value Analysis Leadership

Value Analysis Leadership Interview

Alan Weintraub, Chief Procurement Officer/Director of Support Services Enloe Medical Center, Chico, CA The following interview was conducted by Robert W. Yokl, Managing Editor, Healthcare Value Analysis Magazine Allan Weintraub is a 30-year supply chain […]

Expense Reduction

The Seven-Percent Savings Solution

Why do we continue to pursue 1%, 2% or 3% savings solutions (i.e., price), when a 7% savings solution (i.e., utilization) is just as easily obtainable? For instance, I know of healthcare organizations that have […]