Value Analysis

What You Can’t See Will Hurt You

Most of your new saving opportunities are below the water line. We like to equate supply chain expense savings to an iceberg! Above the waterline are your price and standardization savings, which are easily identified. […]

Value Analysis Leadership

Value Analysis Leadership Interview

Alan Weintraub, Chief Procurement Officer/Director of Support Services Enloe Medical Center, Chico, CA The following interview was conducted by Robert W. Yokl, Managing Editor, Healthcare Value Analysis Magazine Allan Weintraub is a 30-year supply chain […]

Utilization Management

Good Evidence: The Missing Link

Dee Donatelli, RN, BSN, MBA, Sr. Vice President, Provider Services, Hayes, Inc. There’s no question that great advances in medicine have been made over the last century. Still, not every medical technology, service, and intervention […]


The Search for Best Practices

It’s not the metrics that count, but how they lead you to superior performance. There is one overlooked fact about benchmarking; that it is the search for best practices that leads to superior performance.  This […]

Value Analysis

The Evolution of Value Analysis

Michael Bohon, Founding Principle, Healthcare Solutions Bureau Twenty-seven years ago, I unexpectedly found myself working in the supply chain sector of the healthcare industry in Arizona. For nineteen years prior to that I was also […]