Hemostat Product Changeover at Huntsville Health: High-Volume Low-Cost Physician Preference Items Can Lead to Significant Cost Savings

Jackie Kraft, RN, Value Analysis Manager & Clinical Resource Manager, Huntsville Health Gina Holcombe RN, BSN, Director of Surgery Main, Third & GMT, Huntsville Health Halit O. Yapici, MD, MBA, MPH, Senior Consultant, Boston Strategic Partners […]

Supply Chain

How Leading Hospitals Gain the Best Value From Optimized Inventory Management and Supply Spend

How the Right Metrics, Combined with the Right Inventory Management Technologies, Ensure Accurate Data Collection and Analytics that Enable Providers to Optimize Their Inventory and Supply Spend: Case Studies from Leading Hospitals Arnold Chazal, CEO, […]

Value Analysis Leadership

Value Analysis Leadership Interview

James Russell, RN-BC, MBA, CVAHP, Value Analysis Program Director, UW Health, WI James Russell, RN-BC, MBA, CVAHP, is the Value Analysis Program Director at UW Health (the University of Wisconsin). Jim has three decades of nursing […]

Value Analysis

What’s Your Value Analysis Onboarding Process?

James Russell, RN-BC, Value Analysis Facilitator, UF Health at Jacksonville “What’s your value analysis onboarding process?” During an interview for a Value Analysis Facilitator (VAF), we had a candidate ask this question. We looked at […]

Value Analysis

PPI: How About Patient Preference Items?

James Russell, RN-BC, Value Analysis Facilitator, UF Health at Jacksonville VCU Health System, Richmond, VA The concept of Physician Preference Items (PPI) has been a mainstay in clinical value analysis for many years.  It has […]