Why Is Everyone and Their Grandfather Now Offering Purchase Service Expense Reduction Services?

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Because it is easy savings for them to achieve while they charge you a big dollar percentage of savings!

Stop giving away your hospital’s money in outrageously high contingent fees and instead go with a low cost Software-As-A-Service that gives you the big savings and support you need to achieve and sustain your purchase services for the short and long term. This should not be a one-time event!

BenchPlus™ Purchase Service Utilization Manager Is Your Low Cost Solution to Managing the Complex High Dollar Purchase Service Spends

  • Pinpoint Savings Fast  
  • High ROI  
  • Proven Savings Implementation Support
  • No Contingent Fees 
  • Reliable Best in Class Benchmarks 

Strategic Value Analysis in Healthcare

27 Years as a Trusted Leader in Supply Value Analysis and Utilization Savings Strategies

Start Today by Finding Out Where Your Purchase Service Utilization Savings Reside WWW.BENCHPLUSMANAGER.COM


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