Value Analysis Strategies: Management Connection, Finding a Champion, and Gaining Management Commitment

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Value Analysis Strategies

Executive Management Connection

Typically, the best champions are your CEO, COO or CFO because of their clout and status in your healthcare organization. If, for some reason, it is impossible to enlist one of these top executives in your campaign, then any vice president can be a strong candidate for sponsoring your supply value analysis program. The key here is that you must find a high level executive to fight for, defend and support your supply value analysis initiative in the short and long-term, or you could quickly find the doors to your executive suite closing on you, and your ideas, before they even have a chance to take hold. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

            A 350-bed community hospital engaged our firm to assist them in refining their current supply value analysis program (and even paid their first payment on our fee), but when we arrived to give the hospital’s executive management team an orientation on what to expect from their new supply value analysis program, the only reactions we got were blank stares and no questions. Shortly thereafter, the new initiative was cancelled by a phone call from their materials manager. After investigating what went wrong with the start-up of this supply value analysis program, we found that although the hospital’s material manager was promoting this new program to her executive management, she did not enlist one member of the hospital’s executive management team as a champion to prepare the way, defend or fight for her new program.

            When she found that there was little or no interest in reinventing her current supply value analysis program, she was left to her own devices to try to resurrect her old supply value analysis program, with little or no success, because she had the doors closed to the executive suite before she even got her program off the ground.

 It All Starts with Finding A Champion

The good news is that one year later, the hospital’s executive vice president visited the office of this same material manager and asked what happened to the new supply value analysis program she was promoting, since he now needed this type of program to save money on his next year’s budget. After she got off the floor from the shock, she told him she was still keyed up on the program, but she did not think anyone else was. He told her that attitude would change, since he was now sponsoring the new supply value analysis program. Further, he asked that she call my firm and get us back to the hospital as fast as possible for a new start-up orientation to the executive management team. He told her if there were any further issues to be dealt with regarding this new program, she was to come to him for any decision or guidance necessary to make this new program successful this time around.

Let me repeat again, your value analysis planning always begins with finding a champion within your healthcare organization’s executive management team to sponsor your new or refined program. Without a champion on your side, it will be next to impossible to move forward with your supply value analysis program. All you can do is wait for the right opportunity to begin your campaign with a strong champion on your side.

How to Gain Management Commitment

Now that you have found your champion, it’s time to obtain the commitment from your executive management team by giving them ownership over the planning, administration, measurement and management of your supply value analysis program.

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