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Utilizer® Dashboard

Turning Skeptics into Believers!

Even our Utilizer® Dashboard clients were at first skeptics, until they saw the results of their new and better savings opportunities

A typical Utilizer® Dashboard client can yield as much as 7% to 15% in supply utilization savings in less than one year!

Are you a skeptic or a believer? Over the last 6 years, SVAH has helped leading healthcare organizations realize new and better savings – beyond price and standardization –  in the range of 7% to 15% from budget. 

Prove Positive

A typical hospital normally saves 1%, 2% or 3% on their total spend with price or standardization initiatives, but utilization can now explode your savings by as much as 67% to 79% vs. just price savings alone. We have the documented proof to back up this extraordinary claim.!

Our Clients Were Skeptics

All of our Utilizer® Dashboard clients were skeptics, until they saw the results for themselves, and are now experiencing these new and better savings.  

Breakthrough Savings

If you are looking for a breakthrough in your savings yields, there is no time like the present to sign up for a “demo” of our Utilizer® Dashboard.  We even guarantee up to 3:1 ROI to protect your investment!

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