High Expectations for Value Analysis

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Expectations for Value Analysis Are Higher Than Ever Before!

  • Bigger Savings Goals
  • More Accountability
  • Better Attention to Evidence
  • Quality Improvements
  • Reducing Infection Rates
  • Collaboration with Clinicians

How do you take your Value Analysis Program to the whole new level your senior leadership now expects?

Dear Supply/Value Analysis Practitioners:

As one of the leading value analysis firms in the healthcare industry since 1987, Strategic Value Analysis® has seen the maturity of hospital-based value analysis programs bring about incredible results in cost and quality improvements for hospitals and healthcare systems throughout the country. Incredibly, the majority of value analysis programs at hospitals and health systems in the industry today were formed and run with little or no training in the classic tenants of value analysis and value engineering. Yes, healthcare organizations have been able to knock down supply chain expenses with their “home grown” programs with a good rate of success, but there is still more money on the table to be captured and knocked down.  

This next generation of savings will require a new level of sophistication from your value analysis teams. This will require your teams to stop operating on the “best price first” mentality and start to focus on functional requirement and utilization management. This new and better approach will require a new level of advanced VA tools, benchmarks, training, and more than the old “form a team and go save money” strategy that we have seen up to this point in the majority of  healthcare organizations. Like Lean or Six Sigma, value analysis is a true management improvement process with over 67 years of development and enhancements that healthcare organizations are not taking full advantage of because they have never been trained in the classic tenants of value analysis. Value analysis is more than two words; it is a comprehensive process that Strategic Value Analysis® in Healthcare has embraced since establishing our firm in 1987. Since that time, we have trained hundreds of our clients’ VA teams in our advanced strategies and tactics with the highest level of success. All SVAH Client Teams receive advanced tools, guidebooks, benchmarks, forms, checklists, support, and much more! Now, SVAH has made our toolbox available to you so you can move to the next level of performance!



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