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You could be leaving up to 11% to 18% in new healthcare supply savings on the table untouched!

Does your team have the visibility and control over your purchase services?  

Easy steps to quickly ring the towel dry on these multi-million dollar expenditures at your hospital:

1.           Build a case for change: Show your C-suite how much they are spending and what the potential savings (11% to 18%) would be if you were to aggressively attack these multi-million dollar expenditures that are ready to be harvested. Or, let BenchPlus do it for you!

2.            Centralize all purchase service contracts:  We recommend that all of your purchase service contract documents be archived and administered by your materials management/supply chain department. If the workload justifies it, you will need to hire a contract administrator to manage, control, analyze, bid or negotiate these contracts. However, this very small investment, if required, will yield a high ROI in a very short time. Or, archive with BenchPlus!

3.            Benchmark all purchase service contracts: This will ensure that your purchase service contracts’ total lifecycle costs are within acceptable limits. Otherwise, how could you know if there are savings opportunities if you don’t quantify them and have a roadmap to start saving? This shouldn’t be a one-time event, but instead a continuous process. Or, BenchPlus can do this for you, too!


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