Are You Focusing on What Matters Most?

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Price and standardization are important up to a point, but if you aren’t focusing your supply chain expense management efforts on utilization management — where it matters most —  you are losing the opportunity to save 7% to 15% on your total spend…period!

Slippery Slope

We often talk about utilization management in these terms: If not now, when? We can make this statement because utilization management is the only savings area left in your vineyard. Not only has your low-hanging fruit been picked and standardization substantially achieved, but now your pricing is slowly disappearing. This is no longer conjecture, it is a cold hard fact.

Insidious Effect

Why this matters is if you have obtained the best price and then standardized on a commodity, but  your utilization of this same category of purchase is off the charts you are losing all of the savings that you have gained to date.

Dig and Drill Deeper

One of our clients has reduced the usage of their isolation gowns by $112,326 annually by reining in the wasteful consumption on this product. If left unmanaged, this product alone would have done considerable damage to their healthcare organization’s bottom line.

Technology is the Answer

What makes this situation worse is that it is almost impossible to see your utilization misalignments with the naked eye. Only with advanced technology like our UTILIZER® DASHBOARD can you be assured that all of your waste, inefficiency, misuse, and misapplication of your products, services, and technologies can be captured.

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